Uncover the truth on your own about claims to having high-quality cannabis.

Searching for top-shelf buds will always stand out like a sore thumb. There is a wide range of colors that premier genetics will show, the high—grade and complex aromas will direct you to what is indeed considered “dank” weed. There has been a nickname circulating the globe that categorizes the description of premium cannabis into one word. “Loud” is a term used for dried flower consisting of pungent flavoring that can be too much to contain, a reason that draws your attention. Cannabis can be related to the luxuries of fine wine and fine dining, where premium cannabis has no price cap. It is difficult to determine premium cannabis within Canada, due to not being able to see, smell, or touch the bud. Focus on the grower. Do your research in advance. Craft cannabis producers tend to have higher quality bud since their attention to detail and care towards each plant is much higher than the mass producers.

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