Terpenes. The impact on the quality story.

Terpenes is a measurable component when you are trying to select a quality cannabis product. The flavor profile could be categorized into three sections; Myrcene, Linalool, and Limonene. However, to a consumer focusing on purchasing quality cannabis, it is the total terpene composition as a percentage by bud weight that is the reference number of importance. The terpene values in the black market are often 2% and can range up to 8% for total bud weight. However, the vast majority of the products consumers buy today might not even reach 2%. Be a step ahead. Next time you are reviewing your purchase, consider the value of the terpene contact and not just the profiled aroma.You won't be disappointed and although you might have to look it up, the reward in finding a higher premium in dried flower will be great.

Strainr - BudTips #3

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