Factors that make high-quality cannabis

Top-shelf cannabis contains a heavy coat of sticky resin, which is where you find the cannabinoids and terpenes. These are what gives the plant its dominant effects and enticing flavors. Each has different experiences when consuming cannabis, and with the diverse range of results and profiles, your experience can vary due to the consumer’s connection to the cannabis plant. These buds tend to be dense and chunky, due to the advanced CO2 levels during the flowering cycle and the other innovative growing techniques producers use.

Many factors influence the result for cannabis, including; the harvesting, drying and curing methods. Premium cannabis should have a sticky feel during contact from the sticky resin of trichomes without the buds being moist. As you grind the dried flower, it should break apart without having a dust-like consistency. When consuming, it should leave behind white ash. If the ash is black, it identifies that there is still excess moisture.

Trimming is vital to true connoisseurs, allowing each cola and bud to have a perfect frame for a showcase. There is a misconception regarding leafy cannabis and it not being premium. Sometimes top-shelf cannabis can appear to be leafy, but that does not mean that it is less in quality. The grower will often leave excess leaves on the buds if it is covered with trichomes, making it too precious to discard. Seeds found in high-grade cannabis are scarce to find. Consider it an Easter Egg, so if you discover one, keep it for your garden if it is permitted in your location.

Tristan Rea

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